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It took a while to find what we wanted. A fun, creative chef that wasn’t overpriced, but also talented, friendly and eager to please. 

We finally found him. Grand Turk’s Jago Moore, TCI’s recent award-winning Chop Off Champion, is joining us to provide an exciting home-cooked experience for our guests. 

Here’s how it works! Friday nights, we lend Jago our kitchen so he can feed all guests who’ve booked our island dining experience. Along with his right hand man, Jago pulls in with all his delicious food. Your table is set, service is provided, chatting is encouraged and you don’t have to look at dirty dishes. As soon as your done, Jago and his partner whisk off with all their stuff.

Set-up, food, service and clean-up is available at 55$ per person. Bring your taste buds and your favorite drink.

Want to know WHAT Jago cooks? Follow this link to view the menu.